Where Do They Come From? - January 2, 2015

Tonight I made whiskey and cokes, explained why we carry local beers and not Coors, and pulled out the tomato juice after 7pm for Bloody Mary's. It must be a holiday!

The drink orders I get on certain holidays or in the days before and after always make me wonder where all these people have come from. It's as if they haven't left their homes since 2005.  

Servers come up to me with confused looks on their faces.

'Do you know how to make a MaiTai? Do we have those here?'

'Have you heard of a Harvey Wallbanger? How do I ring that in?'

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate both of those drinks and make them both quite well, but why not branch out? Order one of the at least ten drink options on the menu. A menu that was created by someone who put their time, heart, and great skill into making something delicious for you.