It's a Bitter Sunday - November 16, 2014

I love Sundays. I still get up as early as I do the rest of the week to let the duck and the chickens out at sunrise and feed the dogs. But instead of going back to bed, I make coffee and watch the backyard come to life.

Fall has come in full force and the leaves fall heavily. I see less of the Hummingbird and more of the Blue Jay. The tomato plants and sunflowers have become skeletons in the garden. After the usual morning house chores and weekly grocery shopping trip, I started on the tangerines.

Cali, my mom's dog was still visiting. I fed her a good couple handfuls of the insides. I only need the skins and she is ok with this arrangement. I figure the rest I can squeeze for the juice. It will probably make a good addition to a cocktail later. My mom came by and dropped of pomegranates and prickly pears. The pile of ingredients to work with today has become slightly overwhelming. Sitting here typing this is my way of procrastinating.

It's only two in the afternoon so I'm drinking sparkling water. I keep adding large helpings of Bitter Rose. I've almost sold out of the first batch of this flavor. Starting the second batch is on my list of things to do today. There are maybe a dozen roses left on the last bush. It's sad to see the last harvest finish. My house has been filled with drying rose petals for most of the year.